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AimWell In-Bore Laser Insert

AimWell In-Bore Laser Insert


Laser dry-fire practice using your own firearm. Simply install the AimWell In-Bore Laser Insert using three different adapters that allow you to use the laser from.38-.45 caliber pistols. The system is directionally adjustable with the mini-hex key supplied along with O-rings to center and protect the front surface of your firearm. The battery is good for 50,000 rounds, once expended may be ordered.

NOTE: The AimWell In-bore can be used with any pistol, however it is recommended for use primarily with Second Strike handguns. If you can pull the trigger more than once on your handgun without re-racking the slide, you have a Second Strike handgun.

Should you need help in determining your handgun type, please call: 1-888-849-4088

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