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Why AimWell?



  • The AimWell System allows targets to be placed behind, in front, above or around the corner from your computer which tracks your results. No other system delivers this 360 degree experience.
  • The AimWell System is expandable to 20 or more targets. Our 3-target packages allow dozens of practice drills and with additional targets the possibilities are endless. Other than systems costing thousands of dollars, this feature is unique to AimWell.
  • The AimWell System lets up to 4 users to participate in each training session. Compare results, compete with fellow shooters, create group drills and team competitions of your own. This capability is unique to AimWell.
  • NO Third Party camera or other equipment is required.
  • NO Internet access required.
  • Each Package comes complete with mounting strips to easily attach your targets to any wall or surface.

Value, Reliability

  • Keep visiting a range for live fire practice, but the cost equivalent of 4 to 6 sessions for two at your local shooting range will pay for a complete AimWell System that will last for years and give you hundreds of practice sessions.
  • AimWell Laser Pistols are tested and guaranteed for over one million trigger pulls. In the USA they carry a lifetime warranty, 5 years in most other countries.
  • Batteries are good for over 50,000 rounds with our in-bore laser and 250,000 on our Laser pistols. All are easily replaceable for less than $10.
  • All AimWell Targets are guaranteed for 1 year against any defect.

 Performance, Improvement, Fun

  • With the AimWell System you will definitely improve in several ways: Speed, accuracy, trigger control and performance under stress and on-the-move. Novices will improve by double-digit percentages while experienced shooters will see measurable improvements in smaller increments.
  • As a gun owner there’s a serious responsibility to have a reasonable level of competence, whatever or whoever you wish to protect. At the same time, training should be an enjoyable experience, and the several unique qualities. offered by the AimWell System will make your training pure, simple fun. Enjoy!