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Gear Test: AimWell Laser Target Systems

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By Mike Piccione

I can't begin to explain how awesome this system is. You can take it with you anywhere you go and keep your skills sharpened. Ever since I've used it, I'm able to combine scenarios that would require me to use basic and advanced fundamentals of marksmanship. Worth getting.


The AimWell Laser Target Systems is a top-shelf training tool that I use for my concealed carry students as well as my more advanced shooters! It's interactive design, targets and software program allows even the most skilled shooters "an engaging range styled challenge."

Whether you are practicing, performing shooting drills, or getting your marksmanship skills where they need to be, the AimWell Laser Target Systems will help you "Put It On Target" quickly.

Now I have been shooting firearms for over 50 year and I must say that I shoot very well... Yet the AimWell Laser Target Systems even gives me that "Tactical Edge Training" that I need to survive the threat from others!

Learn how to shoot well with the AimWell Laser Target Systems!

Dan Meadows "The Shooting Whisperer"
TAP3X Group of Companies
Hendersonville, NC 

I've been using this system for about one month. It's very well designed, affordable and fun to use. The laser pistol is properly weighted and doesn't have that plastic-gun feel that others laser pistols I've tried. The patented trigger pull is as realistic as it gets, and because it has a removable magazine, you can do magazine change drills as well. 

Installing the software on my PC was a snap, it basically installs itself. I love that the software keeps track of your timing so you have a goal to improve on. Because the system works wirelessly, I can adapt my drills from a home invasion drill, to an outdoor scenario on the fly. 

As a firearm instructor this will be an invaluable teaching tool as well, especially for first time students.I can't wait to pick up the AR converter. Thanks for a great product AimWell, no more boring dry-fire drills for me!

“ AimWell’s my personal preference, my favorite target to use…I found them to be the most fun of all the systems...the way they work, you hook them up to a PC and you can do whatever you want from there…they give you audible and visual feedback…you can hook up to 20 of them to a PC…which means if you want to set up a shoot-house you can set them everywhere in your house, do dry-fire drills..” 

Frank Melloni 
History Channel’s “ Top Shot “ 

“As a three-tour veteran of many house-to-house combat situations, I find the AimWell Target System to be the best in-home firearms training system I’ve used. Being able to place targets in almost any location allows you to simulate a variety of scenarios and the PC interface keeps track of results, so you can accurately assess how well you’re doing. I enjoy competing with buddies to see who’s best at certain drills and just about everyone, from combat vets to newbies, see measurable improvement after spending some time with AimWell.” 

Steve Haberkorn: 
USMC Recon (Ret), Weapons Evaluation


Your quick shipment of my AimWell Targets Laser System arrived yesterday. What an impressively engineered and beautifully designed system! The quality built-into both hardware and software is truly superb. You good folks at AimWell have taken “state-of-the-art” to the next level, making America great again!


Gratefully yours,

Catherine Blackwell