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Before using any AimWell product be sure that NO LIVE AMMUNITION is in your firearm or is in the vicinity where you will be practicing! 


  • The effective straight-line distance from the laser to any AimWell target is considerable, tested at over 100 yards.
  • The wireless connectivity between targets and the AimWell user interface is unique in its ability to work around corners and through walls. This quality has been tested in very large houses and multi-room settings but is impossible to measure precisely based on such factors as wall thickness and material as well as distance from target to computer. We suggest placing your PC in a fairly central location to give best access to all targets.


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Will the In-Bore laser work with my Glock? My 1911? My M&P?

  • Yes. However you will not be able to fire the laser the second time without racking the slide.

Note:  Regardless of your level of experience or model of firearm, try the following test to be sure of maximum compatibility with our in-bore system.  ( BE SURE THAT THERE IS NO LIVE AMMUNITION IN YOUR FIREARM ): Rack the slide, pull the trigger, then pull the trigger a second time. If the second pull " clicks", this is ideal for the in-bore system and is know as 'Second Strike'.

If it doesn't, your weapon will still work with the in-bore, but you will need to re-rack for each shot.  In this case, for best performance and value, we recommend the system with our inert Laser Pistol. 

For one of our special order systems designed for individual firearm models, feel free to call us at 888-849-4088 for details.

  • My laser doesn’t seem to fire, what should I do?
  • First, check to assure that the plastic ‘heel’ on the opposite end of the orange tip is tight and fits snugly into your firearm’s barrel.
  • Check to see if the brass knurled laser battery tip is snug (Caution: DO NOT over tighten with tools.)
  • Check the four small hex head screws located in the orange laser tip are all snug. These are the screws you use to dial in the laser trajectory.
  • If these attempts don’t work then unscrew the brass knurled tip located just above the nylon ‘Heel’ and assure that the small laser battery is free of all moisture and dirt.
  • If you have owned the system a length of time and use it on a very regular basis, you may have used up the 50,000 rounds the replaceable battery is designed to accommodate. Batteries are $9.95 and are available.
  • Should all these remedies fail, please call: 1-888-849-4088

How do I adjust my laser?

  • First make sure your In-Bore laser has the O-ring (Supplied) installed at the base of the orange laser tip.
  • Take your firearm with the laser inserted, making sure the four small hex head adjuster screws are snug (DO NOT over tighten).
  • Take one active target and aim for the center of the blue light. Use the “Bill Drill” for this.
  • Fire the laser to see if you are hitting the center of the blue light. Please note that you should know how your firearm’s sights line up from your live-fire practice.
  • Should the laser fire to the left, right, up or down and not center, loosen the hex head screw that you see will bring the laser to its appropriate position fire according to your firearms sights with the key provided and tighten the opposite screw.
  • Once you have dialed in the laser, make sure you have tightened all four hex head screws. Again: DO NOT over tighten.        

Will the In-Bore laser work with my rifle?

  • No. You will need to order the rifle laser kit or the AR15 Reset trigger kit. Or call: 1-888-849-4088

    How far can my laser work with my targets and computer?

    • The distance for your laser and PC connectivity will depend on several factors including:
    • Radio Wave interference from your television. Some televisions , though rare, will interfere with the targets if they are too close.
    • WIFI signals
    • Walls in between the computer and the targets and the material of the walls.
    • The Aimwell System has been extensively tested and works in the great majority of home, office or “ shoot-house “ distances and configurations.

    Can I use more than 3 targets?

    • Yes. We use the limit of 20 targets as a benchmark for distance and walls that may reduce the signal, however there is no real limit placed on the number of targets.

    Why don't the targets have bullseye markings?

    • The AimWell Targets are designed for situational stress training, not bullseye marksmanship. In a fight situation, the AimWell Targets replicate a center or headshot area. 

    May I purchase additional targets?

         • Yes. See the AimWell Laser Target Page.

    Will my targets and system work with any laser?

    • No. Different laser systems have different “Modulations”.

    Will laser pens work with these targets?

    • No. The targets won’t react to a non-modulated laser. 

    What other lasers will my targets work with?

    • We strongly advise that you use only the Aimtech laser that we supply or the Laser Ammo kit. We cannot guarantee other lasers would not damage the targets circuitry.

      Do I have to rack my semi-automatic pistol every time I fire the laser?

      • It depends upon the firearm. If you have a DAO style semi-automatic or one that is striker fired with second strike capability then the answer is yes.

      Do you offer a laser for shotguns?

      • Yes, for 12 gauge only. See the Shotgun Products Page.

      Do you offer a laser for my AR 15?

      • Yes. See the AR-15 Products Page.

      Do you offer a laser for my rifle? .308 .300 magnum, etc.

      • Yes. This is a custom order. Please call: 1-888-849-4088

      Can I buy additional lasers?

      • Yes. See the In-Bore Laser Page.

      Will my home WiFi interrupt the function of my AimWell System?

      • Generally no. It depends on the carrier, the router and the walls in your home.


      What warranty does the AimWell System come with?

      • The AimWellTarget System comes with a 1 year parts and labor warranty. See warranty page for details.

      Can I buy targets only?

      • Yes. See the AimWell Laser Target Page.


        My software won’t install, what do I do?

        • When installing software on a PC, there may be times when the computer doesn’t want’ to take the installation. This is may be caused by your anti- virus program. If you have this problem occur, first turn off any anti-virus software. If this allows you to install the AimWell software, don’t forget to turn your anti-virus program back on after completing the AimWell install.
        • Should this fail, restart your computer. Many times your PC has programs running in the background that you’re unaware of, so the old adage: “When all else fails, reboot” applies here.
        • Should the AimWell software still not install you may call: 1-888-849-4088

        I have a Mac, will the software work on my computer?

        • No. A Macintosh version of the AimWell Laser Target System software will be available by later in 2017. However, should you wish to purchase the targets, they will react to the firing of the laser only without the counter and sound. AimWell will notify you when the software is available and provide you with the download at no extra charge. You must purchase the minimum 3 targets and a laser to receive the Macintosh version. 

        Do you have a mobile application?

        • No. A mobile version for iPad, Android and subsequently a phone application will be available later in 2016. All purchasers of the AimWell Laser Target System prior to that time will be notified and given the instructions for download. 

        My targets aren’t showing up on my AimWell Interactive screen. What do I do?

        • First, exit the program.
        • Turn off all targets via the power button located on the back of each target.
        • Unplug the AimWell USB PC interface.
        • Restart the program.
        • Insert the AimWell USB PC Interface
        • Turn on each target in the sequence that you wish to appear on the PC Interface. Each target should now appear.
        • If this doesn’t work, then change USB ports and repeat the process. 


        How do I change batteries in my targets?

        • Locate the battery port on the back of the target.
        • Release the tension tab and open the battery housing exposing three batteries.
        • Please note the + and – order in which they are placed.

        What type of batteries should I use?

        • You can use any Alkaline AA batteries that are 1.5 volts. 

        I forgot to turn off my targets, will the batteries die?

        • No. Your AimWell Laser Targets are designed to “Go to sleep” after 30 minutes of inactivity. Your battery life will depend on the amount of use and the quality of batteries you choose. Batteries are supplied with your purchase.