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About us

Designed and built in the USA with law enforcement in mind, we believe that the AimWell Target System delivers an unequalled training experience at a fraction of what you’d expect to spend. 

Based in Florida, we believe that our team of top software, technology and engineering professionals have set the new standard. We support the second amendment right of all Americans to defend and protect themselves, their homes and their loved ones and law enforcement professionals deserve the best tools we can provide.

While fixed-position practice at the range is essential, most criminal encounters happen “ on the move “and we want to help you be prepared. Our research combined with real-life input from law enforcement and military experts confirms that when defending any home or facility you need to be versatile, move from room to room and be able to shoot effectively under situational stress. 

Shoot-houses are the ideal training environment, but they’re not always accessible. Some sophisticated laser training systems cost thousands of dollars and project images onto a single wall, so you’re not replicating a real-life scenario, while cheaper targets have limited functionality.



• We believe that you, the customer, have a right to access the finest training systems in the world improve your shooting skills

• We will always strive to listen to your feedback in order to constantly improve our product and future products.

• We will provide you with the latest software upgrades, techniques and improvements  on our products.

• We pledge to stand behind our products with the best customer service possible.

• We will always place you, the customer, first. You are the reason we exist..